eligium online review


Eligium online is made by Frogster, a european based company, that work internationaly


I didn’t notice


the gameplay is a Diablo clone, the gameplay is straightforward and simple to use, easy to navigate, easy to find NPCs and quests bt the map and highlighted text ( when you click on the highlighted text, it auto routes you to that destination ), minning, gathering, crafting, “dungeons”, you can control your character by WASD and left or right mouse button, there is no challenge in this game


the quests in this game are repeadative, the quests you mostly do killing persivic number of enemies, gathering and “dungeon”, “dungeon” quests in this game are pointless


the graphics in this game are poor, the graphics look like that is made in 2004 but it was made in late 2011


I give this game a 3.5 out of 10

reviewed by bruiser15